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Created 20-Mar-13
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A marvelous bird is the reddish egret. It wheels and turns, it waves its wings and dances, and proudly fluffs its shaggy mane. This egret comes in two flavors, the reddish and the rare white. At the peak of the breeding season, its bill turns two-tone pink and black. I can't resist photographing these beautiful ballerinas.
Reddish Egret 22001Reddish Egret  15716Reddish Egret  06651Reddish Egret  1053279Reddish Egret  29492Reddish Egret 33765Reddish Egret  1029904Reddish Egret  1072878Reddish Egret  01990Reddish Egret  03792Reddish Egret  29416Reddish Egret  1001936Reddish Egret  03749Dancin' Fool  Reddish Egret  06134Reddish Egret 1072760Reddish Egret  1011156Reddish Egret  27976"Pinkish"  Reddish Egret  29239Reddish Egret  27853Reddish Egret 27967

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